Indie Rock Fiji !



Fiji’s top indie rock band The RelatiV. Benjamin Seniroqa (Drummer), Josh Tukana (Vocals), Johnny Seniroqa (Lead Guitarist), Nahshon Fong (Bass Guitarist) Nelson Cokanasiga (Backup Vocals and Roadies) and Filipe Victor (Backup Vocals and Roadies).

A group of cousins formed a local band with their music ranging from Indie Rock to Reggae. Starting out from their own bedroom with music in the blood and success in their heart The Relativ has captured a number followers here in Fiji. The young band is making a lot of noise in Fiji, with their live performances at Fijis local bar ( Traps), and with their new originals “My Faith” and ” Still In Love”.I rate this band #1 on my list of Bands in Fiji . If you are in Suva, Fiji do check out their music and give their Facebook Page  a thumbs up and subscribe to their YouTube Page.



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