Building In F i j i !

Small Business Big Impact

The booming income industry that is hitting Fiji today is Business. Not big businesses, but small businesses with big impacts. It is also the latest trend worldwide. A global industry was launched in the pacific a few months ago and has impacted the lives of so many Fijians. Till this day it is growing tremendously and is influencing many people with big ideas and ambitions. It isn’t easy starting up your own business here in Fiji, and it is far impossible funding it on your own. The unique thing about people wanting to start their own business is that it’s not all about the money. It’s about the time freedom. Ask yourself, are you happy with where you are financially?  So many people give in hours in trade for money but can’t spend it on things that matter the most, which is Happiness, everybody wants to be happy. To be able to eat what you feel like eating in a restaurant without having to look at the left column of the menu, to walk into a shop and buy what they want without having to look at the price tag. Unfortunately, that’s not possible if you don’t have a good job or good educational background to land you a secure job. That’s Not True ! ! yes you read it right. Not anymore!  Gone are the days where we need to be highly educated from school to be successful in life, gone a the days you need to take business and marketing studies to have your own business. We are living in a world filled with advanced technology that replaces that mindset. Now you can start your business with less than $1000FJD. Yes! There is a new way and there is a better way. And that way has just landed on our very shores. Open your eyes and open your mindset because there is more to life than living a 9-5 job, needing a degree to be somewhere in life, having a boss telling you what to do. We live in an economy that only cares for itself, we can either wait for the government to do something about it or we can take matter into our own hands and set be our own boss. Now your probably excited and thinking, I’ve read this far… and I as skeptical as I am excited. OK ! now the best part, the reason you clicked on the link and the reason your still reading. Back about the Global Industry. There is a movement that will be launching this April and you can be part of it. You don’t need qualifications, its not direct sales. All you need is the WILL to want to be successful. We are calling all Influencers ! everyone that knows they have that leadership skill in them, to build a network of people educating people that there is an opportunity to be on top of the ladder, and yes on top with you. Call your bestfriend, yes that bestfriend you always used to want to travel the world with, tell him about this opportunity. Tell him you’re going up and you’re taking him up with you, because there’s nothing better than doing business with someone you trust, love and respect. Join the movement now ! Click here ” MY LIFE MY RULES “. Send your interest to one of our Top Influencers in Fiji. And see you on the other side 🙂 


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