What we actually need.

There has been alot of fuss about why Our Olympic Champions haven’t been winning any games recently in the HSBC series.  Yes it’s the country’s sport, so I believe we have every right to discuss the situation at hand. NOW. Alot of locals are blaming the coaching system. Yes its true we don’t have all the million dollar facilities. But once you watch “Sevens From Heaven” you’ll realize what Fiji sevens team are all about. It is about the heart at sport. When Ben Ryan came into the Fiji Coaching system, he knew exactly what he had to do and we thank him for showing it to us. He knew that you don’t need a fancy gym or expensive product to create the best Rugby 7s team. He just needed to teach how to play the sport with a stronger mindset and proper discipline.

Most people are saying that it’s an ego problem? We’ve won the Olympic champions and need a break cause there’s no more room in the office to stack up the medals and trophies ?  No, that’s not true. We are Losing ! and we are losing Bad ! Now trending ‘Neil Powell has a desire to coach our team if he doesn’t go to super rugby.


The real question is, do we need a new coach? If Waisale Serevi was able to coach the team while playing why is it necessary to get a coach for the Fiji Sevens Team?  Now I’m not saying that Fiji should get rid of Gareth Baber. The question is why do we need to use so much money on our coaching team when we don’t have enough money to fund our players? We should stop focusing on the coaching team and focus more on the players. The only thing they need is someone that can teach them discipline. Send them for a week or two into the military camp to learn more about teamwork. That’s all we need. A team with 100% chemistry will be the most disciplined team on the field. And when Fiji is at its most disciplined, no team stands their way.

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