Meet Fijian Talent 🌴

What Is Talent ?

It is an ability that someone is born with. A gift. Something that was once a hobby that is now a skill. There are many kinds. Meet Jacob ! The guy embarking on a journey to master his gifts. From Art, Music to Fitness. When he is working on his sketches, he hangs out at the parks in Suva, a space where it’s peaceful and then focuses on his art. Drawing isn’t easy, drawing is a paradox. You’ve got to see something as an artist sees it. It’s about pure concentration and patience. Here is a collab of some of Jacobs sketches.


And then, there’s Music. The Keyboard. Mastering the sound of music comes with years of practice. His exposure in music started in Church. Playing every Sunday in church with the church band and has improved his skills in music. Soon you will be seeing him making it big in the music industry in Fiji.


Lastly, there’s Fitness. Now Jacob is about to kick start his fitness career with a global health and wellness company educating and inspiring people to be at their fittest, mentally and physically. Thou fitness can be for anybody but it isn’t for everybody. It takes a huge amount of Discipline to stay in good shape.

Jacob and a team of powerful influencers are on to something big. Stay tuned for how we are about to take on the world, by storm.

“Always Taking The Road Less Travelled”

                                                                  – Jacob


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