Journey of how I went from being Broke with No Qualifications to being part of a Multi-Billion Dollar Company! 


A very short blog about how I landed an opportunity working in a multi-billion dollar company.

Now, Multi Billion Dollar company ?  Yes! With just over FJ$500 you can be part of something amazing. Yeah I know 500$ ? :/ If someone sold you your dream job for 500$ would you take that opportunity ? YOUR DREAM JOB ! Obviously you would. How ? You would call everyone you knew borrowing money to get your dream job. This is the exact same thing. NO you may not like sales, you’re probably telling yourself right now it’s not your thing. That’s awesome. Network Marketing isn’t just about making money or being that annoying sales person. It’s more, much more.

I can write a whole blog about what you learn and earn but we live in an era where time matters right? I mean you can’t even click on a video that’s more than 1 minute, so ill cut it short. CLICK HERE  and add our top influencers in Fiji on Facebook. Get connected with the team and join the journey.





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